Haiti Mission Trip - 2012

Dispatches from The Republic of Haiti

Here are some images from the 2012 Mission trip to Haiti.  Below are dispatches from our members who are serving and worshiping in Cap Haitien, Republic of Haiti.  Click HERE for the album of images sent from Haiti.  Click HERE for movie clips.

From Casey Coston @ 4:50 PM Monday May 28, 2012 

Hey everyone,

We are giving much thanks for the work that has been done.  We tied up some loose ends today.
1. Daniel and Andrew Finished a couple of water issues.
2. We have a short video for the 252's class. We bought the storage tanks for clean water in Benjamin so they are ready whenever they find water underground and someone can go back to set up purification. Pray for drillers to find water.
3. We did a little souvenir shopping and then had a great lunch together as a team. James Massie our short term mission coordinator shared a heartfelt devo about only God knowing what fruit will come from the seeds we planted. But over the long term we can see more of Gods work as we sponsor and care for the kids.
4. Lastly we revisited a nursing home facility like last year and sang old and new songs for the widows and widowers. They even sang some of the old hymns in creole back to us. Very special.

I almost forgot we took a big group pic with all he kids and then took pic with all the Oxford sponsored kids. Thanks to all who sponsor!!  Now we are packing up back at the orphanage and will get to airport by 10am in the morn.  By early evening Lord willing we will be back in fort pierce.

God bless you all for giving us this amazing spiritual experience.


Casey and team

From Casey Coston @ 4:07 PM Sunday May 27, 2012

Hey everyone,
We are back safe from Benjamin.  There is no way I can do the weekend justice with just words but will try and give you an update anyway.

Benjamin is on the plateau more in the middle of Haiti...only 40+ miles away but it takes 4 hours to get there.  The view is amazing and
the road bumpy.

1.  When we arrived we immediately started taking pictures and fillingout reports on children.  We got updates on already sponsored kids...and found Andy Frazier's sponsored child, Youwendy Joseph! Then we took pics of new kids so that they have a chance to be sponsored.  You can see the hope and desperation in the eyes of their parents.  There are many stories to tell here.
2.  Then we had a huge rain...first since we've been here...made us a little nervous because rain can raise the river level and make it impossible to get back.  But the river was fine as we came back today. Praise God!
3.  After that we walked a mile to a different river where several young people in the church were baptized into Christ!  It was amazing!  You'll have to see the pics.
4.  In the evening we ate like kings at Alfred and Dula's home. Alfred is preacher and leader of CRF work there.  Chicken, rice, fresh pineapple, fresh avocado (not for me ha!) and more.
5.  We stayed in their home as their guests...they slept in their shed.  It was quite humbling.
6.  This morning we worshiped with them...they had great singing and I got several recordings of the songs.  Daniel and I tag teamed teaching/preaching and with much prayer, we believe the Spirit blessed the people through us.

So we're back tonight and will recover before one more full day in Haiti tomorrow!

Thanks for your prayers.

keep checking ococ.org for pic updates.

Love you all,

From Daniel Wren @ 7:13 PM Sunday May 27, 2012

I'm going to add a few comments to Casey's report.  Here a are few pictures to at least give some idea of what we saw on our trip-within-a-trip to Benjamin, a remote village on the central plateau of Haiti.

We got a report from the well-drilling crew, and they were not able to find water.  They plan to continue trying when they return to Benjamin this week.  Please join me in praying that are able to find water for these good people!  They are in great physical need on so many fronts, and easy access to clean water would serve to ease one of their many burdens.

I also wanted to elaborate on the worship service a bit.  We were in a building with concrete walls and a tin roof with maybe 200 (or more?) in attendance.  People walked or hitched rides on motorcycles, which serve as a sort of rural taxi service, from miles around to be part of the service.  At least 5 different singing groups sang gospel music in Creole.  SOMEHOW, I was fully engaged in the entire 3.75 hour worship service.  Even in the heat, it was a sweet time of worship that words can't possible begin to capture.  I thank God for sustaining me with energy after a night with very little sleep.  We'll have more to share about the trip up to Benjamin, so I won't try to write it all here, but I have to say that I was moved to tears and laughter several times.  The whole trip was difficult and very tiring, but seeing God at work among the people there was achingly beautiful.  I sensed a nearness to God there that many of us may miss due our many comforts and distractions. I know that I will never forget that time!


From Casey Coston @ 8:03 PM Friday May 25, 2012

Hey everyone,

We've got a big weekend coming up...more in a minute.

1.  Daniel and the water team got clean water for the church building today!  Gotta get the water down to 1-3 ppm (parts per million) of chlorine but the chlorine kills all the bad stuff!  The clean water is used in the kitchen for fellowship meals at the building.  The purifier is the one we bought and brought last year but was able to be
installed this year.
2.  We got a lot of kids pics and reports filled out today.  We have updated pictures on all the Haiti kids that we sponsor at OCOC!
3.  Michelle Goodwin and Josh Stark went to one of our translators new stores today to paint and help him get ready to open his store.  He's trying to find a more consistent way to make a living besides a few weeks of translating per year.
4.  The VBS team did a great job again today...finishing with the parable of the lost sheep and lost coin.  The highlight for me was getting to be a sheep in Michelle's place since she was painting.  I got to be the lost sheep (on my knees!) and when one of our students found me and picked me up, all the children cheered!  :)
5.  It was really special that to begin the day, we walked into the school to see several children playing instruments while the Haitian flag was raised.  Then the 250+ kids filed off to class but dancing to the beat.  It was beautiful to behold.

Finally, tomorrow we leave for the village of Benjamin. There will be no update again till Sunday evening.  CRF supports 60+ children at this site.  They are currently drilling for water and hope to have a well soon.  We will drive into the mountains and then find Benjamin in the central plateau of Haiti.  There is no electricity so it'll be real dark at night!

We plan to paint, look for a site for a clean water system and update pics and reports on the children there.  Pray for weekend mission.  It should be beautiful and challenging.

God bless you all.

Lives are being changed...Haitian and American.


From Daniel Wren @ 8:23 PM Friday May 25, 2012

I'm pretty tired tonight, so I'll be very brief.  The highlight of my day was drinking some of the treated water.  The Haitians were not crazy about the chlorine taste! I still have bit more work to do on the treatment system, but it was working when we left the Sovereign school today.  We won't be updating until maybe Sunday night, when we return from Benjamin.

Please pray that the well drillers hit water at Benjamin!  They have drilled three wells and have not hit water.  These folks have to walk a mile to a river to get water, which they drink and use with no treatment at all.  We will not be able to put in a filter due to the delays in well drilling, but we hope to make detailed plans for another team to use in putting in the filter system.


From Daniel Wren @ 6:57 PM Thursday May 24, 2012


Things are still going great in Haiti!  See Casey's message below for some updates.  To that, I'll add that I was able to lead a devotional at the Cap Haitien Children's home
In the picture, my interpreter, Jerome, is on my left.  He did a great job!  I tried to get some discussion going with the kids, but it was tough going!


From Casey Coston @ 4:31 PM Thursday May 24, 2012

Hey everyone! What a blessed day!
Please go to ococ.org to see more updates and pics!
Some highlights from the day...

1. Yesterday we got to reunite with one of our sponsored children Youveline.  Today we reunited with our other kid Guy. Guy has some mild asthma that Eric was able to diagnose. We plan to find a way to help.  Today we also went to Youveline's home and got to see where she lives.  Very humbling and a great honor. Eric prayed a blessing over their home.

2. Concerning water, Daniel and team completely assembled the process, put a roof over the purification portion of system and tomorrow will begin pumping water into the system and cleaning it. It is very hot on the tin roof so it is tough to work hard and pace yourself.

3. With CRF reporting we r making some progress but it is slow. We are learning the stories of these children praise God!

4. The VBS team had another great lesson on the pearl of great price and made bracelets with toy pearls for ALL the kids. The skits r the highlight for me but hearing the kids sing is a highlight for everyone.
Keep praying for these parts of our day. We are learning of needs and will be deciding how to help soon.

May God bless and keep u as he is richly blessing us.

Love you all,

Casey and team

From Daniel @ 6:13 PM - Wednesday - May 23, 2012

I can add that we made significant progress on getting the water treatment going for the Sovereign School.  We have some more to do tomorrow, but things are looking very positive there.  It took 3 HOURS to get a few boards, some tin, and some PVC pipe.  Things are definitely very different here.  I can say that we are being very well taken care of, and all of the people that we have interacted with have been great.


From Casey @ 5:13 PM Wednesday - May 23, 2012

Hey everyone! Just a few highlights from the day.
1. The clean water process began slow but Daniel now sees the path to take from here. Just needs several hours tomorrow to get the filter connected and clean water flowing. Pray for Daniel, joe Coleman and Andrew Smelser as they work.
2. The CRF sponsor updating process is challenging with multiple people needed and a streamlined process to update info on 300+ kids.  Pray that we can make process most efficient. This helps CRF keep children sponsored and finds new sponsors. This may be the most challenging work we have to do.  
3. The VBS team did a wonderful work teaching the parable of the hidden treasure with skit and songs and fun games. The children had a craft of creating a prayer envelope to put their prayers to God in. I am proud of everyone.  

Pray for their continued success planting and watering the gospel in the hearts of these children.  There is so much more but this is a start!!  Love u all. Thx for all the support. Keep praying for God to use us and Spirit to guide us.


From Casey @ 4:12 PM - Tuesday - May 22, 2012

Hey everyone! We made it safe to cap Haitian and are now at the orphanage where we will sleep every night. Plane trip went well, had lunch at a nice restaurant and now we will just  rest and prepare for our work tomorrow.

Thx for the prayers and keep praying!

We hope to help and learn a lot in a short amount of time!


From Daniel Wren @ 3:27 PM - Tuesday - May 22, 2012


We are safely in Haiti at the Petitance Orphanage in Cap Haitien.  Our travel went very smoothly.  We had a little excitement when the Haitian customs guys ripped (literally) open the box that I made for the water filter.  We paid a "negotiated import tariff" and got it into the country.

All is well for now.  We will start our work tomorrow at the Sovereign School, and I'll try and let you know what's going on.  See attached for a picture of the front of the orphanage. We will be staying here and driving to the school to work each day.  We'll work on more and better pictures, but at least this is a start!