Help with Pew Bulletins

To access the Pew Bulletins, Click the year you wish to view.  The most recent bulletins will be under the year, the rest of the year will be under the "archive" link.  This will open a new page or tab, and you will see the Pew Bulletins in a Documents folder, beginning with the oldest bulletin for the year at the top continuing to the newest at the bottom.

The bulletins are named by their date of publication - click the week you're interested in and it should load in yet another tab or window.  If you're already a Gmail user, the folder will appear as one of your "collections".  If you don't use Gmail, it will appear as a list of documents. 

To download the bulletin to your computer, click - in the upper left corner - "file", then "download".  This will save the bulletin to your local hard drive.

Each week's bulletin will be available by noon every Friday.

If you have any questions, or notice any problems, please e-mail -