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SOPPLADRAM grant request

A generous gift has been given to us by Jack Brewer and Alan and Joyce Locke.  The elders have decided to use a portion of these gifts for both benevolence work outside our church and activities that will strengthen and encourage our congregation.

You are encouraged to come up with ideas and plan a project.  To apply for grant money, please pick up a SOPPLADRAM form from the Back Foyer or download it (see links below).

Submit the form to one of the following people for approval of monies:  Warren Johnson, Bill Russell, Carol Wedge, Renee Russell

Click the following link for a model of the SOPPLADRAM and what should be considered when requesting funds for congregational work.  The model is meant to guide you through the thought process to determine whether your request fits the spiritual needs of the congregation.

You can right click and select the "Save link as" option to download to your computer.

Click here - PDF
Click here - Word format