July Update from China Mission

Teaching His Word through the English Language

In 1996, while missionaries to Montreal Quebec, Canada; we had weekly church services in French, English, Spanish and Ashanti. We needed to broaden our horizon and reach out to more people in the Montreal area. We studied the population to determine where we should turn next to find those who would be future Christians. In the study, we found that there were about eighty thousand Mandarin Chinese living in Montreal. We decided to start an English School to reach the young intellectuals from China. The English school was very successful and many were converted to Christ because the Bible was the text for learning English. They could not learn English without learning the Bible.

We are in the process of completing an English Internet School which will be designed to reach Mandarin Chinese in mainland China. We propose to offer the courses in the areas where we have established congregations of the Lord's church. There is the potential for thousands of students to enroll in these courses. There is no course available today which has five levels of learning English which begins with the Chinese language. Our course will start with the English language beginners and carry them all the way to level five English.

Every child in China begins to study English in the fifth grade. We will offer English at this beginning level. We already have over six hundred children in our care that will be taking the course in our care centers because English is required for them to advance to higher levels of education. Some English is required for a Chinese student to go to high school and university. Our course will prepare them for a better education and a hope of eternal life.

There are thirty-two million Chinese enrolled in China's hundreds of universities. All of these students are prospects for this course. In Montreal, the students came to Canadian universities but were not able to maintain a level of the English language to pass the courses. Within weeks of announcing our school we had as many students as we could handle.

We will need hundreds of online English teachers to handle the thousands of students anticipated to enroll in our courses. The teachers' work will be very similar to the World Bible School courses. Teachers will be receiving test papers, grading the test and returning the results to the students. All answers will be provided to the teachers. We have computer labs in each care center for our students and there are computer cafes all over China. Every university student in China has a computer and will be able to take the courses. Will you volunteer to be one of our teachers? Please write me today and let me know you want to be a part of this great work. My email is ronbrown20@gmail.com.