Panama Mission trip - 2012

Dispatches from The Republic of Panama

Here are some images from the 2012 Mission trip to Panama.  Below are dispatches from our members who are serving and worshiping there - Click HERE for an album of the images they're sending us.

From Mike Williams @ 9:04 PM Thursday July 26, 2012

Mark and Miriam have been able to establish a good relationship with a tribe who lives on the river, so we went for a visit on Thursday.  We got to meet members of the tribe and the chief.

After our visit, we had our farewell meal with the Uptons.  We are back in Panama City preparing to head home early in the morning.  The Lord has truly blessed us during this trip.  We all thank you for your prayers and for your help.  Our lives have been changed as a result of our being here and experiencing what it's like to be Jesus to people in Farallon, Panama.  The team: Chad, Sally, Colton, Will, Drew, Eliza, LaJeana, Jacen, Hannah, Mike, Mark and Miriam. 


From Mike Williams @ 9:38 PM Wednesday July 25, 2012

The day began bright and sunshiny, so we headed to the place where we were going to finish the septic tank for the lady.  We began by building the forms and also by cutting the hole in the tank.  All the guys were busy, but Will and Drew took the leadership and decided that mixing concrete the Panamanian way is harder than 2 a days!  The girls went back to the school to do English and then we did VBS again in the afternoon.  Chad told the story, Mark translated and the rest of us play acted the parts.  We had about 40 kids again this afternoon.  Chad and Colton went back to help Will and Drew mix concrete.  Jacen also joined them in learning to mix concrete the Panamanian way.  We were all `MUY CONSADO' but we got it finished.

Will shared his thoughts in our devotional Tuesday and Drew shared Wednesday.  We had a great experience playing with the kids during our VBS activity and then on the beach. Eliza and Hannah have out done themselves with the kids and are already planning things to do next time.  Sally and LaJeana have worked to keep us all going and Miriam has outdone herself with our meals.  Our experience here has been a blessing which none of us will ever forget.  Mark has helped us all to
see that living like Jesus daily is truly possible.

We'll leave here early tomorrow, visit in a native village then spend the night back in Panama City.  Please keep us all in your prayers.


From Mike Williams @ 7:56 PM Tuesday July 24, 2012

Today was our first full day here at Farallon.  We went out early to see what we were going to do.  The rain prevented us from pouring concrete.  The ladies went to the school to review English with the kids and invite them to VBS.  By 2PM we had more than 40 children in the yard playing and having fun.  The kids all learned some new Bible School songs .  Chad shared a Bible story about the parable of the treasure and the lost coin.  Nico translated for us.  

Mark, LaJeana and I went with one of the village ladies to visit Cecilia, a lady who needs some assistance.  We visited with her and promised that we would pray for her and seek to get her some help.  The kids have also shared some of their experiences during the day.  They have made friends quickly and are learning what it is to be Jesus to people.  We're seeing some tired folks, but they all see happier than before.  Mark and Miriam are becoming special people to all of us.  Keep praying for us all - Colton, Hannah, Will, Drew, Sally, Chad, LaJeana, Jacen, Eliza, and Mike.


From Mike Williams @ 9:52 PM Monday July 23, 2012

We arrived in Farallon a little after 2 and began to meet the folks from the village.  Mark and Miriam have befriended almost everyone and we were able to meet and greet a large number of them.  This is a very small hamlet located on the beech.  Their main industry is fishing, so they seem to be a very simple community.  By 4 PM there were more than 20 kids in the street playing ball and other games.  Our young and even some of the older folks joined in.  We also met Neiko, who will be our translator helper for the week.  He told us his story which was very moving.   We will work with the school on English and also help with a concrete project tomorrow.  We will also do a VBS for the kids.  The climate here is much different from Volcan.  It's hot and sticky, so we are constantly reminding one another to drink water.

Drew is learning a few Spanish words and is beginning to get into the swing of things.  Eliza cooked up some brownies to help us all get through the hot.  She and Hannah are a big hit with the little girls who came around to color this afternoon.  Jacen was demonstrating the long jump and enjoying the kids.  He also spotted some bats late in the afternoon and has become our official gecko spotter.  We praise God for bringing us here and look forward to serving Him by serving the folks here.

Please keep us in prayer as we seek to stret
ch ourselves this week! Pray for Sally, LaJeana, Chad, Colton, Will, Jacen, Drew, Eliza, Hannah and Mike.  Also pray for Mark and Miriam our hosts!


From Mike Williams @ 11:00 AM Monday July 23, 2012

The Uptons picked us up around 10:30 and we are on the road toward Farallon!  Stopped at McDonalds for lunch!  We'll get in in about another hour and are going to recruit for tomorrow!
More later....


From Mike Williams @ 10:51 PM Saturday July 21, 2012

Safely arriving in Panama is a blessing which we do not take for granted!  We thank God for keeping us!  Air travel (mostly the getting through inspections etc) is not hassle free as it used to be!  But we are here and that's what counts!   Will, Drew, Jacen, Colton and Liza (Sally, too) are all newbies this year, so we've had fun getting them oriented.  Chad is a champ at coming up with ways to keep kids going without being afraid.

Our devo tonight challenged us to think about who we were!  We used Acts 4:12, John 4:16, and 1 John 4 to talk about who we were and how we could reflect that to people we meet.  Please pray for all of us by name!  Chad, Hannah, Drew, Liza, Lajeana, Jacen, Sally, Will, Colton, and Mike.  Also pray for the Uptons with whom we are working!

Please give Mary Margaret a HUG from all of us!  We're really sorry she got bumped and we miss her greatly!


From Mike Williams @ 1:49 PM Saturday July 21, 2012


We arrived at out hotel and got into our rooms at about 10 PM on Friday night.  Group was in high spirits this morning out exploring and seeing what it is like to hear Spanish spoken "very rapidly". We will go to the canal this afternoon then come back for devo and prep for our VBS.  We give thanks for all of you!