To our friends and neighbors,

If you are a recipient of our joint campaign to alleviate medical debt, welcome!

The Oxford and Rivers Hill Churches of Christ are extremely excited that you and your family
have benefited from this program.

It is our hope and prayer that the relief of this debt will do several things.

In the immediate, we hope it gives you some financial peace and stability and leads to a
brighter economic future.

We also hope it serves as a reminder that you are loved. We may not have met you, but we
know that both God and our church communities love and value you.

Indeed, the memberships of our two church families understand how significant it is to have
peace in our lives—we know how important it is to be the recipient of God’s love and
the support of His people.

Even without financial difficulties, the challenges of marriage, raising a family, employment, and
every other aspect of life can be very difficult. At the Oxford and Rivers Hill Churches of Christ,
we understand, and better yet, we are in the trenches with you.

Please know that we want to be of continued service—if you are interested in visiting either of
our church families, you will be welcomed with open arms.

Feel free to contact us at either church–it is our fervent hope and prayer that you experience
God in every aspect of life.

For the Oxford church family,

Les Ferguson, Jr.
Preaching Minister