Paul in Romans wrote: “May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the spirit of unity as you follow Jesus Christ.” NIV 15:5. The Oxford church is a diverse group of people made up of different ages, ethnic backgrounds, cultures, socio-economic levels, political beliefs and theological beliefs. Even amid all of this diversity, we are able to maintain unity and peace through the following core beliefs:

Jesus We believe that Jesus is at the core of our faith. He is the Christ, the Son of God. He is King and Lord and Savior. We believe that his life, his death on a cross and his resurrection from the dead are the good news we are called to share. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit he promised to do His will in this world.
Bible We believe the Bible is God’s authoritative, trustworthy and inspired Word. It instructs us completely in every good work, and no collection of man’s words can replace it.
Faith Our faith is anchored in the God who created the earth, the universe and all living things. He sacrificed his Son so that we might have complete forgiveness of sins.
Grace God’s grace is his forgiving power that saves us through faith in Jesus Christ as our personal savior. Grace assures us that we will live eternally with God.
Baptism Immersion in water is a response of faith. Through baptism a person is reborn in Christ and receives the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Communion We observe communion with one another and with our Lord on the first day of each week to celebrate our redemption. In this act we are reminded of Christ’s supreme sacrifice, the power of his resurrection and his future return.
Worship We experience worship daily by the way we live and weekly by gathering to praise God through prayer, communion, scripture reading, acappella singing and a biblical message.


What Do We Value?

Mission To create trusting relationships to serve God by blessing our community and our church family.
Outreach Consciously influencing people to have a saving relationship with Jesus.  We believe that God has blessed us so that we will be a blessing to others.
Discipleship Teaching people how to live as fully devoted followers of Christ.
Worship Celebrating God’s grace and praising Him daily for his presence in our lives.
Service Using our gifts to serve Jesus by compassionately serving others.
Fellowship Working together to build healthy relationships through our love in Christ and build trusting relationships within the church and community.